Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My kitchen is coming along

We have all of our cabinets in and they look wonderful. I don't have any counter tops yet but Dad brought me in a piece of plywood that is working temporarily and I do have a dishwasher now. I can't believe how much my kitchen changed. It looks twice the size and the floor plan is so much more functional. I only had a minute and now my girls need my attention.

Friday, October 10, 2008

We are living in a War Zone

I am so excited for our kitchen to be done, I know it takes time but we have a huge mess. We started tearing into our floor to see why we had a slope and we found the problem. Basically we are lucky we didn't fall through. Our floor joices were totally rotten and our house was resting on the bricks. I guess that is why we got this house for such a good deal. We do have the new floor in now. I had to push that quickly because I might have lost my girls down in the hole. I have no counters and I am down to 2 cupboards and my sink is hanging on by a thread. We have also been putting in some new electrical things. And now we have mudded all the holes. We are getting there and that is good because my cabinets should be here today.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Time

How do the days go by so fast? I don't know how everybody does so good at keeping up with these blogs. I haven't even been on the internet in the last 3 weeks. We have a lot of home improvements going on right now. We are trying to redo our kitchen which is taking up all of our free time, well that and I am hooked on those crazy vampire books. I have been reading them like crazy. I can't wait until the movie comes out.
We are getting excited for Fall. Diana and Ben were here and took some family pictures for us and we bought Henley's Halloween costume today. We also have dad coming next week to work in the potato and beet harvest. It will be nice to have him again this year.
I am also writing the primary program again this year, that is one of the responsibilities of the first councelor, so I am trying some new things with that.
Henley started a mini preschool this week with some kids in our ward since she is still too little for real preschool. But I can honestly say she is potty trained now.... woohoo!!!!
Macey is army crawling all over the house, she keeps my floors clean. She saves the real crawling just for short distances.
And Eric is really busy with school and trying to keep his work schedule fulltime. We make the most of every minute he is home.
Tah, Tah, for now.....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Busy Summer

Well the last month has flown by, we spent a week in Sandpoint enjoying family and friends and camping at Camp Peine. It was a lot of fun to enjoy the lake and the campfire. But we spent the next couple weeks recovering from the illnesses we caught.
We are all healthy now and we are in the middle of having Adam's wedding. He was married on Friday and had one reception on Saturday and will have another one this coming Friday, so we have been busy with all that. He was married in Salt Lake so we were able to see some good friends on our trip down there. We just needed more time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We enjoy our family more and more with each day. Being parents is the best. I have the sweetest girls ever. H is my big helper and M just loves her big sister.
I am so grateful that I can stay home with them. At first not working was a little hard and I missed my job terribly I did love teaching preschool but staying home with my girls is much more important. I have had many confirmations that this is where I am supposed to be. E works so hard for us the girls love him and everyday H says, "Daddy at work? He be home soon."
In the last month we bought the home that we have been renting for almost 4 years, it is a small home but we have an acre of land and we are comfortable here. We are lucky to live where we live and still have E be able to go to school.