Friday, January 9, 2009

I am still alive!

I am still here so please don't delete me...Liz!!! Diana told me that you were going to delete me if I didn't get on the ball so I am making some time. Anyway, I am so sad I missed you Liz. We need to just have a big get together this spring, we could do it here or in Utah. Somewhere, anywhere this is just ridiculous that we do not see eachother more.
Well those of you that were wondering about pictures of my kitchen, I am going to try to put them on here right after I am done writing this. I am just loving my new kitchen. Now if I could just keep it clean, my girls rearange everything daily and fill the cupboards with books and toys of all sorts.
We had a great Christmas and usually I am sad to see it end but this year I am excited to move on and continue with more projects. My next one is to paint Henley's room and finish the trim in my kitchen.