Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Henley has Mono

This is so strange but we took Henley in for an ear infection and we were told she had double ear infections so she was put on an antibiotic. Well a week later her fever spiked again, so we were back to the doctor and at that time doctor said, "That is strange her ears look worse than they did before and she has the worst case of strep I have seen all night, I think she might have mono." So we had some blood work done and sure enough she has mono so we have been stuck at home. We can't figure out where she got it from because we pretty much have been home the last few weeks. Diana said that I guess it is a Peine girl thing to carry mono so maybe she got it from me. She will be contagious for awhile and they put her on some steroids so she will catch anything from anyone right now. I can't believe her though she was tired and had a fever for a few days but now she is all energy and apetite. She ate two bowls of cereal and two hot dogs and whatever else... she is not usually a big eater but this antibiotic or steroid is doing something to her.
The other day I said to her when she was feeling bad, " You just don't feel like my Henley huh."
When she woke up the other morning when she was feeling better she said, "Mom I am back to Henley."