Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My kitchen is coming along

We have all of our cabinets in and they look wonderful. I don't have any counter tops yet but Dad brought me in a piece of plywood that is working temporarily and I do have a dishwasher now. I can't believe how much my kitchen changed. It looks twice the size and the floor plan is so much more functional. I only had a minute and now my girls need my attention.

Friday, October 10, 2008

We are living in a War Zone

I am so excited for our kitchen to be done, I know it takes time but we have a huge mess. We started tearing into our floor to see why we had a slope and we found the problem. Basically we are lucky we didn't fall through. Our floor joices were totally rotten and our house was resting on the bricks. I guess that is why we got this house for such a good deal. We do have the new floor in now. I had to push that quickly because I might have lost my girls down in the hole. I have no counters and I am down to 2 cupboards and my sink is hanging on by a thread. We have also been putting in some new electrical things. And now we have mudded all the holes. We are getting there and that is good because my cabinets should be here today.